Main Shrine

Deities enshrined:

  1. Onamuchi no mikoto

  2. Kotoshironushi no mikoto

  3. Kushinadahime no mikoto

Deities of long life,

good health, and match-making



About 1000 years ago, a shrine building was build at present Imamiya jinja shrine’s place for protection against sickness and disease. The deity of good health, which had already resided in this area, was enshrined in this building. This shrine building was named Imamiya jinja shrine, which means new shrine.

This shrine is famous for Yasurai festival, good health, and local deity of Nisijin area. Nowadays, locals, as well as travelers from throughout Japan come here and pray for good health, luck and match-making.



794A.D. It is said that there was a small shrine which enshrined a deity of good health before 794, the year Heian Palace was built.

994 The deity was moved, by portable shrine, to Funaoka Mountain. Upon arrival,  a ceremony was performed and people prayed for protection against epidemics, disease and sickness.

1001 The deity was moved again, to its present place, to calm the epidemic that had                   spread around the Murasakino area. At that time, 3 deities were enshrined in the main shrine building. And this was named Imamiya shrine, which means new shrine.


  1. Deity enshriend: Susano no mikoto

  2. Deity of long life, good health and safety of one’s life